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Forum Signatures


If you would like a signature created for your car, please post up here. We currently have 1 signature type, but it can be customized a small bit.

Example Signature:

Items which can be customized:
  • Text (ie: Car Name, Performance numbers)
  • Car Image (see details below)
  • Background Image (see details below)
  • Which Sections are present (see details below)
  • Normal or Reversed

  1. Car Name: (ie: 2002 Pontiac TransAm) Anything can go here, but keep it Family Safe
  2. Performance Numbers: if you wish to keep the numbers, this is what they are (left to right) HorsePower, Torque, 1/8 ET, 1/4 ET & Weight.
  3. Performance Numbers can be replaced with other text, this will also remove the icons.

Car Image / Background Image:
  • I can provide the Image
  • You provide the Image: this will create a small delay in producing the final image, as editing my be required

Which Sections are present:
  • Car Name (small text box)
  • Performance Numbers (large text box)
  • Car Image
  • Background Image

Normal or Reversed:
  • Normal: Text on left, image on right
  • Reversed: Image on Left, Text on Right

To request a signature, please post your request here with the following information:
  1. Car Name Section Text: (say Hidden if not wanted)
  2. Car Image Link, Hidden, or staff to provide:
  3. Background Image Link, Hidden, or staff to provide:
  4. Performance numbers Text, in order listed above, or custom text: (say Hidden if not wanted)
  5. Reversed: Yes or No
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